"So What Makes You Guys Different From Other Boston Wedding Bands?"

Weddings are about more than playing some jams;
They're about creating unforgettable moments.

Brides + Grooms, alongside our industry colleagues refer to our wedding band as being "an entire show",  rather than just a band.

To us, this means providing all the facets of a performance.  We focus on a comprehensive package, rather than you having to hire multiple vendors to provide items we already cover as-standard.

Our Team

Emily Miller
Emily Miller
Owner // Vocalist // Bandleader

Emily graduated from Berklee College of Music in 2012 on a full scholarship. She has pursued a wide range of genres and performance styles that has shaped her into a dynamic and versatile performer. In her role as Creative Director, Emily brings artistic insight and choreography, stemming from her diverse background in dance, musical theater, event planning and vocal arranging.

Jonathan Wiegratz
Jonathan Wiegratz
Founder // Director of Production

Pioneer of the Wedding Band+DJ Combination; Visionary within the Weddings and Private Events market. Jonathan brings unparalleled talent management, production and logistical expertise, with over 15 years in the Entertainment Industry.

Crostini the Corgi
Crostini the Corgi
Customer Relations Specialist

Professional greeter, napper, plate-cleaner and will do literally anything for belly rubs or turkey treats.

No, but seriously... cutest dog ever.

How Much Do Wedding Bands Cost?

In terms of a budget, wedding bands can vary in size as well as packages offered. It also depends on the 'vibe' you're looking for. Are you looking to throw an all night rager with a band, or a chill jazz evening?

Pro Tip:
One huge factor when comparing your options, is to evaluate your vendor costs on a per-person scale. We absolutely agree, planning a feast of $600 per person with 8 different hors d'oeuvres and premium bar service is impressive.

When put on that playing field, our services quote in ~$75 per person range for an average size wedding!  As a result, even a shift of $10 per person (IE; one less cocktail hors d'oeuvre) could make the difference between hiring a simple band vs having a exquisitely produced party for your guests.

Moreover, a general rule of thumb is to allocate ~15% of your wedding budget, if you're looking to hire a phenomenal live wedding band.

Everyone has the same "Best of" / "Choice" Awards

How do we really tell who the best wedding bands are?

Keepin’ it real, for a hot minute:
How many times have you seen a wedding band advertising : “We’re the best of Boston” with the exact same badges as a dozen other bands in town? There’s nothing wrong with displaying a shiny badge on a website, though candidly speaking, the major wedding websites hand them out like candy.

Truth is, as long as you receive a certain amount of reviews each year, these wedding websites are happy to give you an award for redirecting the website traffic back to them. Absolute brilliant marketing strategy… *golf clap*.

Of course, like anyone, we love receiving awards! However, we’re truly honored by the recognition we receive from websites / publications like Style Me Pretty, Boston Magazine, People Magazine, The Improper Bostonian, My Mystic Wedding, etc. These websites have knowledgeable editors within the industry, who genuinely take the time to curate the best vendors. We’re so proud to say that we’ve been awarded by them all!

Pro Tip: Be aware of the industry's trend : "The Staffing Agency"

At their core, they're basically like booking the Uber of wedding bands.   These 'bands' book a dozen events each day using the same band name, but are simply sending randomly available musicians (drivers) to your wedding to patch a "band" together.  IE; the band seen in their videos/photos may not be the band who shows up on your wedding day.

On the flip, our upfront approach to wedding entertainment provides consistent 5-star results, with a wedding band of dedicated world-class musicians, event planning, and high-end production.