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It's the BoCo Loco Photobooth

Exclusive Touchscreen Photo Booth - Alongside the Boston Common Band

Premium Photobooth Rental for Weddings & Events

When it comes to capturing life's moments in the heart of Boston, Cape Cod, or the picturesque settings of Nantucket and Newport, nothing marries tradition and technology quite like our touchscreen photobooths.

The Boston Photobooth Company is your go-to for a vibrant blend of spontaneity and state-of-the-art captures, ensuring each event remains etched in memory. With our included LED lighting and intuitive self-service options, we're redefining what it means to treasure moments in Boston and beyond.

From bustling wedding receptions to corporate events and gatherings, our dynamic approach uniquely positions us in the Boston photobooth rental landscape. Our booths don't just click pictures; they enhance experiences.

Bride Posing on the Dance Floor

Picture Clarity,
Beyond All Expectations

Bright, Brilliant, and Bold!
While some might argue traditional DSLR camera booths are superior, our modern touchscreen system stands tall among them.

The secret? Our additional LED lighting, (included at no extra cost!) ensure each photo is bright, crisp, clear, with impressive detail, rivaling any standard booth setup.
Wedding Photobooth

Instant Memories,
Anytime, Anywhere

Tap, Scan, Cherish!
Gone are the days of waiting for your special snaps! After their photo session, guests are provided with a QR code, ensuring instant access to their captured memories.

It's the efficient, modern touch everyone appreciates.

Wedding Guest Using Photo Booth

The Dance Party
Becomes the Canvas

Dance, Pose, Repeat!
Why limit memories to a single backdrop? We position the photo booth close to the dance floor, letting the live party be your photo background.

Not only does this create dynamic photos, but it also means we have a smaller setup footprint, blending seamlessly into your event.

Bride Posing on the Dance Floor

Glam Booth
Magic Filters & Effects

Flawless, Radiant, Star-Quality!

Often referred to as the "Kim Kardashian" filter. Give your photos  a touch of glam that smooths, brightens, and adds that sought-after Hollywood glow.

Experience the celebrity treatment with our added Filters, Effects, Boomerangs, and Glam Booth functionality.

Step in, strike a pose, and let our booth transform your snaps into magazine-cover-worthy shots!
Boston Photobooth at a Wedding