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How much do Boston Wedding Bands cost?

In general,  look for bands with at least 2 vocalists and 4 musicians.  These include Drums, Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar, and Keyboards.  This lineup provides the band with enough firepower to cover a wide range of music styles.   Scaling upward, higher-end wedding bands will include horn players as well as additional vocalists.  If having the very best wedding band is your top priority, you'll want to have at least a 10pc lineup with an equivalent sound and lighting to match.

In terms of ballpark pricing for a Boston wedding band,  here's what to expect.  (2022 pricing)

- Basic / Small | 6-7 musician wedding band = $6500+
- High-End / Large | 8 or more musician wedding band = $10000+

That being said, one tip when comparing options and budgeting, is calculate everything on a per-person level. A huge budget item is typically the “Food”. Certainly no harm, no foul to our catering friends. – We’ve seen feasts of $400+ per person with 7 different hors d'oeuvres and late-night snacks etc. In comparison, a top-tier wedding band priced at $10-12k averages out to $70-80 per person. As a result, even a small $7 per person shift (one less cocktail hors d'oeuvre!) makes the difference in having a completely amazing show.

Lastly an item to look out for, is the new industry trend of "Staffing Agencies" and "Rolodex Bands" . The basic principle is their booking multiple events on the same day using the same band name. It's akin to ordering an Uber... sure, a band will show up to play, but it might not be the same band seen in those promo videos/photos.It depends.  Are you looking to host a chill dinner party with a jazz quartet,  or are you looking to throw a rager that even Gatsby would envy?

How do I choose songs for the band to play?

Every band has a slightly different process and approach. Some wedding bands have a set dedicated show they stick to.  Whereas others will allow quite a bit of input into the song choices on the night.  Ask prospective band leaders what their approach is. In fact, it's the most common question we're asked!  

From the Boston Common Band side, we take our client's song request list and build an initial roadmap of songs for the evening... All while also doing our best to include as many of the songs as possible. That way, we still retain our ability to adapt on-the-fly to the crowd that's in front of us on the dance floor. If we feel that guests are enjoying more of the homecoming bangers, we may play a few more 90s/2000s songs before transitioning into a different genre. If the band doesn't know the song on the request list, our DJ within our Band + DJ combo will work those songs into his set. Our goal is to make sure the energy level stays high, and the dance floor stays packed... all while still playing a good amount of songs in your favorite genres, to give the wedding "your" feel!

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How long does a Wedding Band play for?

Wedding bands will quote for either (4) or (5) Hours, depending whether or not a Cocktail Hour is included in that.  Beyond that, consider you may have booked an extended (6) hour reception with your venue.  As a result, it's important to ask your band leader on their contracted time, and adjust/amend from there.  That being said, most wedding reception timelines roughly follow the same pattern.

- 1 Hour for Cocktails
- 90 Minutes for Dinner Hour, Speeches and Formalities such as Cake Cutting and Parent Dances
- 2 to 3 Hour Dance Party

In terms of the Dance Party itself. A Boston wedding band will usually perform 2 sets of about 60-75 minutes each, with a ~20-30 minute break in-between. Moreover, if you consider the average song length being 3-4 minutes, a band will be able to perform about ~40-50 songs during the dance party.

When do we feed our Wedding Vendor Meals?

It’s important to allocate and slot-in the RIGHT time for those meals to be served, in order to keep a continuous / efficient flow of the reception.

We often see catering staff serving their own meals, as well as all other vendor meals, at the end of the dinner service. However, this creates a problem.  Having completed their duties for the night, it makes perfect sense for the catering staff to eat. However, it leaves your other vendors scrambling to wolf down a meal, right as you're wanting to get the party underway.

The best-practice is to have your creative vendors (IE; Photo / Video / Entertainers) served at the mid-point of your dinner service. This allows your vendors who have work through the end of the reception, to eat at the same time as you — and most importantly, to get the party started when you’re ready!

Another way to look at the above is:
Would you rather be waiting for your vendors, or have them waiting on you to start the party? ;)

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